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India holds a major stake in the global education system. With over 250 Million school going students, over 900 universities and 40,000 colleges, India is touted as one of the largest graduate talent pipelines in the world. However, education in India has its own challenges as the standard of education in India is more degree oriented than building personalities.


With the expansion of higher education in India, it is the need of the hour to guide the education system in a more goal-oriented direction.


At HKBK group of institutions, we strongly believe in achieving academic excellence through high standards in teaching, career guidance, and molding team players.


With millions of students enrolling for higher education every year, it is a necessity to build more characteristic personalities than unemployable graduates. In the professional world, work speaks louder than paper degrees. Sure, the degree is equally important to get you to a certain point, but, personalities go way longer.

We Hkbk Group of Institutions emphasize hard work, dedication, discipline, and determination underlining teamwork & shouldering high level of responsibility. culture with hkbk group of institutions allows our students to not only adapt themselves to the present day challenges, but also accept their individual responsibilities towards their family, society, and nation. We have set specific objectives and activity plans for achieving excellence in all areas of quality technical education.


HKBK group of institutions core vision is to create technical competence and readily employable technocrats and managers for corporate organizations. In the past few years, HKBK Group of institutions has emerged as a one-stop destination for meeting the technical manpower need of corporate of repute and the country's prestigious defense forces.

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