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AI: The Teaching Assistance Every Teacher Needs

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

There’s no hiding that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the future of all the technical advancements. Machine learning has reached at such level that it has become easy to pass on verified information without involving human beings. With the advances made in technical science, there is a huge possibility that soon we could have a major change in the field of teaching as far as artificial intelligence is considered. Experts are counting on the fact that in coming years, your teacher’s assistant could very well be a programmed machine which would help you as well in the long run.

One can interact with the A.I. enabled machines for solving problems and approach their respective teachers for just approval and further guidance. This could benefit the teachers in the broader sense as these teaching assistants can cut down the costs of a real assistant and save the real educators their valuable time on grading papers and answering questions as well. As of now, it might seem like a long shot but hundreds of startups are working on making this dream a reality and what seems like a long shot right now, might happen before you could count till hundred.

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